Learning to Love Me

A duet by Joshua Theodorus Kurnia and Jasmine Lawrence

Jasmine Lawrence
1 min readMar 21, 2021


Photo by Mason Wilkes on Unsplash

Sleep is always the first to go
Late nights behind a blue screen glow
Hazy mind on beautiful days
Anxiety creeps through sunny rays

Next, my diet turns to crap
Burgers, pizza, stuff like that
When a smile of course is forceful
And tears are not so delightful

So I step outside to think
Worries fade and troubles shrink
As the city streets I roam
I see that I am not alone

Have a bath and glass of wine
With a friend go out to dine
Afternoons on redwoods strolls
Spa days to restore my soul

Now I’ve balanced life and work
Turned my frown into a smirk
And centered myself I feel
Sharing love helps my self heal

See the blessings from above
Honor my self with a little self-love
Life has not one moment to spare
Carry yourself with a lot of self-care

This poem is featured in Episode 6 of the Align by Line Podcast.



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