Feeler of Feelings and Lover of Humanity. Founder of EDEN BodyWorks and PM in Tech. Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/jasminelawrence
Model: Jasmine Lawrence Photo Credit: Sree Sripathy

I am Black
I talk Black I walk Black
I read Black, I sing Black
I write Black, I watch Black
I had an account on Black Planet
I buy Black on Black Friday, shoooot every day
Gotta keep those Black-owned businesses in the Black

I cook Black, I eat…

Photo Credit @muse16creative

There’s a song in my heart
And I barely know the tune
But it wakes me from my sleep
Underneath a shining moon

There’s a song in my heart
That I’ve never heard before
It’s the anthem of my heart
Always wanting something more

And what will I seek?
This song…

Jasmine Lawrence

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